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Catchoftheday.com.au catches on for Gabby Leibovich

Catchoftheday.com.au was founded in 2006 by Gabby Leibovich and his brother Hezi. Loosely modelled on an American concept of one deal, every day, the business has caught on in a big way in Australia, topping the Hitwise rankings in its category.

Catchoftheday gabby leibovichCatchoftheday.com.au has been known to sell 2000 laptops in an hour, or $1m of LCD TVs in a single day – sales that most retailers only dream of.

With the business on-target for over $100M revenue next year, Catch of the day shifts 3,000-4,000 items a day. They are the go to destination for suppliers who want to get rid of their end-of-line stock. With their business model and credit cash flow, Catch of the day pays their suppliers back within 24 hours which is a key competitive edge over competitors in the market.

“Considering that we’re up against retail giants such as K Mart, Target, Big W and other online department stores, we are thrilled to be acknowledged. Especially as we are still just a small, privately owned company” Gabby said, beaming from ear to ear.

The Leibovich brothers have also established www.scoopon.com.au in the same mould as other Groupon group coupon buying sites such as JumpOnIt and OurDeal.  Small businesses can offer a ‘one day sale’ to scoopon members to create awareness and volume sales. For instance a Sydney based cruise company registered almost 3500 cruises in one day through scoopon. A huge number by anyone’s standards!

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