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Advances in technology inspiring more young entrepreneurs to tackle big business

Thanks to the advances in technology that make it easier for us to do almost anything these days, more and more young people are getting into big business.

Some of today’s biggest companies were actually launched by millennials who launched their start-ups before even hitting the age of 25. From developing social media sites to creating quality unique products these young entrepreneurs are indeed taking the world by storm.

Tech-driven and confident

Millennials who have grown up exposed to and surrounded by different kinds of cutting edge technology have the comprehensive knowledge of the latest tech, giving them an advantage. These Generation Y-ers take to technology as a fish takes to water, and once they understand how to use tech in business, they can readily apply it to their own operations and adapt as they progress.

Technology has also given millennials a more entrepreneurial streak. It may be because the versatility of tech has enabled young people to integrate work with their dynamic lifestyles, allowing them to make money even when they’re not seated in an office building from nine to five. It’s no wonder that in 2012, more than 500,000 “techpreneurs” launched start-ups in the US alone. Of that number, young entrepreneurs between the ages of 26 and 34 bagged the highest level of funding setting them well on the way to becoming the next set of leaders for big business.

The internet makes it easy to learn from the best of the rest too. Young entrepreneurs can follow other big businesses closely and pick up tips from online tutorials and webinars without needing to leave their homes.

Ease and affordability

The improvements in technology has made it even easier and more affordable to set up a business, with some not even requiring a substantial seed fund. For instance, start-ups can promote through social media, which is free. Technology has made it possible for one person to do several tasks at once while the business grows and, once it does, your enterprise need know no geographical boundaries. Advancement into technology mean you can use packaging to give your products a professional look and quickly build a brand that can blossom into a big business. The print production business, for instance, is a great way for entrepreneurs to put their foot in the right door when it comes to a career path that can yield great success. The introduction and improvements in the technology of large format printer solutions are making big waves on this front and provide an excellent niche market for young, driven digitally-oriented stars.

More opportunities

The digital age has provided companies with plenty of opportunities to make it big. The constant state of change necessitates innovation, and this is one thing that young entrepreneurs are best at, because they belong to the same generation of tech-hungry humans clamoring for the newest developments. Whether it’s inventing better gadgets, coming up with better products, or developing easier ways to connect and share information with others, the combination of the new generation of tech-savvy leaders and big business is driving change at a more rapid pace than ever before.

There’s also the opportunity to steal a march on the rest of the pack. Some big businesses have been slower to adapt to the changing world we now live in and, as a result, have left the door open to up-and-coming forms to edge their way in. Young entrepreneurs with a flair for technology and an understanding of its advancements have been able to spot and fill opportunities in the big business sector.

Advances in technology such as new coding languages, advanced algorithms, cloud computing, SEO tools, and digital printing contribute to helping young entrepreneurs enter the world of big business. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg became a billionaire at 23. Likewise, Daniel Ek, Kevin Systrom, and David Karp were also in their 20s when they founded Spotify, Instagram, and Tumblr respectively. “Years of experience”, which used to be one of the greatest factors in determining business success, is now replaced by technological know-how.


About the Author:

Debbie Fletcher is an enthusiastic, experienced writer who has written for a range of different magazines and news publications over the years.

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