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Acting like everyone else gets you nowhere

We are living through a time of unprecedented change in the way we do just about everything. The demands of the modern business world mean people have to constantly adapt while being consistent with their values. 

Success is becoming less about knowledge or experience and more about how we act as people. This includes how we engage and communicate with others as well as our ability to ‘read’ people and adapt to different personalities. These qualities are inherent to us as human beings. The key is finding out how to make the most of them in the workplace.

Work shouldn’t be a ‘show’

Do you act the same with friends as you do with clients? Probably not, right? The reason for this is what I call the ‘corporate façade’. People get so worried about how they’re perceived in the workplace that they change their persona. It’s like a Jekyll & Hyde-type switch. Once through those office doors, behaviour, tone of voice, phrasing and body language suddenly can become as considered as hairstyle and outfit. More times than not it’s a million miles away from that person’s true self. The thing is, if we don’t operate from our natural character, we’re greatly limiting our true potential.

It’s time to get real

People who understand who they are, what they do and why they do it are in a better position for future success. It is impossible to create something great unless you first understand yourself and are comfortable in your own skin. You might get lucky but true success comes from being truly content. Finding fulfilment becomes easier when you know what you’re working towards. It allows you to get excited, right down to the core. Yet so many ambitious people suppress their natural self to the detriment of their overall development.

Operating from spirit breeds success

Operating from spirit may sound a little hippy-ish, but it’s actually highly scientific. It’s all part of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). As the name suggests, EQ measures our adequacies on an emotional level; areas such as self-awareness, empathy and dealing sensitively with other people. It’s considered one of the single biggest predictors of performance in the workplace, and the strongest driver of personal excellence. A lot of people put business success down to IQ, but it’s actually EQ that can have the greatest impact. Master your emotional agility and you’ll master the modern workplace.

Connect with those around you

One of the greatest benefits of understanding yourself better is you’ll understand others better too. Those with a high EQ have superior interpersonal skills and a greater capacity to influence those around them. It makes for stronger relationships with friends, family and partners. And in the professional world it means connecting with clients more effectively and having greater leadership skills.

My advice to everyone is to ditch those corporate egos and start operating from spirit. It’s like food for the soul. Before long, you’ll start to enjoy more fulfilment in all areas of life. And success will surely follow.

About the author

Fergus Watts is the founder and executive chairman of Bastion Collective, a global network of companies helping brands and organisations form meaningful connections with audiences. See also: “I learned a lot from failure on the field”: Fergus Watts on his successful career pivot

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