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What your SME can learn from the Avengers craze

Being a small business owner can be a lonely job. Nobody understands the pressures you face on a daily basis and the threats and challenges you have to overcome to succeed. You might say it’s a bit like being a superhero.

Global phenomenon The Avengers delivers a very important lesson for SME superheroes. The films feature some of the toughest heroes in the universe forming an alliance to save the world. Separately, each hero couldn’t complete certain missions before them – though they flung a few cars and buildings around trying. But when they formed a team and used their complementary strengths, these superheroes were able to form something bigger and far more powerful than their enemy.

As a small business owner, you encounter some kind of threat to your world every day whether it be a disgruntled customer or a new competitor opening around the corner. Alone, you might be powerless to overcome them. But unity can make you strong.

Here are some top tips on how you can be like Nick Fury and build your dream team:

Fill your skills gap

No matter how talented you are, there will always be others around you who bring a different set of skills to the table – skills every small business owner needs. Even Tony Stark recognises that he needs help when it comes to taking on the biggest enemies. Look to other entrepreneurs and professionals who can fill the gaps and complement your strengths on an ongoing basis. It might be a copywriter or public relations guru to help out specifically with your marketing campaigns. Or maybe you look to other small businesses that complement your offering. Real estate agents and tradies can partner up. Hair salons and nail salons. Everyone is good at something – recognising and drawing on those strengths is what drives success.

Combine your resources

As a small business, you are great at what you do – but you are still a small business and sometimes you simply might not have the resources to complete the big exciting projects. Rather than missing out, network with the local business community and join forces to take up new challenges.

Negotiate better costs

By combining their powers, The Avengers expend less energy than if they worked alone. Grouping with other small businesses will help give you better buying power for advertising, trade fairs, sponsorships and more. As an individual health food business, for example, you might not be able to afford a space at the local food and drink festival. But all sorts of opportunities will open up when you team up with other like-minded small businesses. The same is true for letterbox advertising – why not join with other local retailers to create a catalogue?

Don’t underestimate the power of these relationships – once you’ve built powerful alliances, think about how you can draw on them to succeed in every aspect of your small business world. In the movie, the Avengers come to admire and depend on their teammates. They want to help each other because they’ve learned a very important lesson: they cannot save the world alone.

By Ryan Christie – Marketing Manager – Local Direct Network (LDN)

Ryan heads up all things marketing at Local Direct Network. Driven by the power marketing can bring to small business, Ryan’s key objective is to provide SME’s with the latest relevant information and tools to ensure their letterbox advertising is successful and helps grow their business.

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