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The team here at Dynamic Business would like to thank our loyal readers for sending us your feedback!

We are very appreciative of your time, and will be using your feedback to improve our website and tailor our content to include more of the news you want to read.

We garnered many interesting insights from the survey, and some key findings include:

  • Our age-range was very diverse! There is no standout age-range of the DB reader, with our reader age spread from 16 through to 80!
  • 40% of our readers work in the retail/consumer products sector.
  • 54% of our readers are either a sole trader, or employ five staff members or less.
  • Just over half of our readers use a desktop computer to read DB, (52%); while 36% use a laptop, 9% a tablet, and 3% a smartphone.
  • When it comes to the industries of our readers, the key sectors include: 40% retail and consumer products, 22% in communications, and 12% in financial services.

Overwhelmingly, we were also told that our readers want more coverage of the latest technology trends, as well as more leadership insights and SME management how-to guides. So that’s exactly what you’re going to get!

We would also like to thank our sponsors, who help keep Dynamic Business up and running – and most importantly, help us ensure all of our content remains 100% free to access.

The majority of our readers subscribe to our newsletter, however if you aren’t yet a subscriber, our 3 x weekly FREE e-newsletters are a much loved resource, and delivered directly to your inbox.

By subscribing you will receive our exclusive newsletters on Mondays and Wednesdays, and our coveted Friday Entrepreneur Fix profile, where we speak to the best in the business, as well as rising stars.

To thank you for your time and effort, and continued support, DB invites you to download our latest reports in our SME toolkit. Already these resources have assisted hundreds of business owners in moving their business forward.

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Together with Salesforce Australia, this free whitepaper package will teach you how to exceed expectations in service, and grow your business through customer satisfaction, and take your business to the next level.

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Stephanie Zillman

Stephanie Zillman

Stephanie is the editor-at-large of Dynamic Business. Stephanie brings with her a passion for journalism, business, and new ideas. On her days off, you might find her reading a book on the beach.

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