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Growing internationally: How it happened for Charles Heunemann, co-founder and MD (AU) of Natterbox

We know that for many Australian small businesses, expanding globally can be difficult – to say the least – as it presents many challenging barriers.

Charles Heunemann, co-founder, Vice President and Managing Director (AU) of Natterbox, helps us out with this, giving his advice from his own experience of growing Natterbox internationally.

Natterbox is a global business phone system, 100% embedded and managed within Salesforce. So, naturally, we also delve into how small businesses can excel at customer service…

Charles is a self-taught tech expert, with a background in marketing and sales, so he has a breadth of knowledge to share for Australian small businesses.

In this podcast Dynamic Business we ask how small Australian businesses can build a customer base outside of Australia and why this is critically important to all new startups in 2019.

We’re looking forward to catching up with Charles again soon with another topic. In the meantime, you can read some of his articles here:

How this ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ will change the way businesses engage customers

Your customer is not a commodity

Trust and the role it plays in creating strong customer relationships

Don’t forget, you can also listen in on your phone using Apple or Spotify. 

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