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Redundancies and forced resignations explained

Despite signs that the economy is improving and businesses are ready to start hiring again, redundancies and forced resignations are still very common in the workplace; and with new workplace laws to abide by, employers must ensure they know their legal obligations and rights.

Kerry-Ann Aitken

Kerry-Ann Aitken


The price must be right

A lot of reports have been swirling around as of late, concerning the changes to the Trade Practices Act in relation to product pricing. Restaurants in particular have been mentioned quite heavily, with restaurants who charge a weekend surcharge now being made to print two different menus – one with their weekend price and one with their Monday to Friday prices. Why is this relevant to your business and how will it affect the way you do business?

Implications of employers ‘befriending’ staff on Twitter

Judging by recent articles in the press, employers are now not only monitoring staff’s usage of social networking sites such as Twitter but some have decided it is a good idea to become a ‘friend’ of their staff on such sites. Understandably a number of people find this idea uncomfortable and are reluctant to ‘befriend’ their manager on Twitter and allow them to ‘follow’ them around. The cross-over between work and play is becoming just too close for some, so it is important employers ensure company policies covers social networking usage.

Protecting your trade mark on Twitter

As Twitter fever sweeps the globe, a number of serious legal and ethical issues are beginning to surface. One such legal issue that has arisen in recent months is “Twitter Squatting.” This is where someone steals your trade mark on Twitter. A similar problem occurred when domain names first started appearing and people were holding… Continue reading Protecting your trade mark on Twitter

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