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Jennifer is the Director of Content and Copy Australia (a digital content and Inbound Marketing company) and a LinkedIn specialist, speaker and writer. An Internet marketing strategist with 20 years in marketing, consulting and training experience, she has worked with ASX companies across marketing communications, branding and online marketing. Jennifer conducts regular workshops on LinkedIn to help professionals and businesses manage their online brand. Connect with Jennifer @ or email @

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LinkedIn becomes newest Flux Capacitor

Jennifer Bishop blogs about new LinkedIn features, which make it akin to the Flux Capacitator.

“Forget the static CV. LinkedIn have just removed the need for the static 1.0 CV/resume and propelled you all into an interactive 3.0 web world of LinkedIn.”

Snakes and Ladders of Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be a little like a game of Snakes and Ladders. Certain valuable, relevant content creation can lift your rankings while other techniques like “keyword stuffing” mean you ride the slippery snake downward on Google rankings.

4 DON’Ts of LinkedIn

Part of the study of using LinkedIn (LinkedInology) is being a responsible user. Being such, I feel compelled to clear up some misinformation on the proper usage of LinkedIn.

LinkedInology – What ROI can I expect from LinkedIn?

Jennifer Bishop of LinkedIn blogs about how to get the most out of LinkedIn and determine your return on investment.

“This is a “networking activity”, not a transactional sale in a retail store. The question is not; Why are you wasting my time? – but more – Why aren’t you defining your target market appropriately and implementing an appropriate sales cycle plan?”

Yay! You have seen it all