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Dr Wallace is a Director of Fifth Quadrant, a customer experience strategy and research company. Within this role, she conducts global research and consulting programs and works with company boards and CEOs to develop multi-channel customer experience strategies in order to respond to shifting balance of power between consumers and businesses – the coming of the Consumer Power Economy. Today, Dr Wallace is one of the world’s most cited commentators on customer experience and consumer behaviour trends. She has a PhD in Organisational Behaviour, is Adjunct Faculty at the Australian Business School, and is the author of The Complete Guide to Call & Contact Centre Management. She is also the mother of five children and is the founder of philanthropic funds – Indigo Express Fund and Kids in Philanthropy, both sub-funds of Sydney Community Foundation. She also runs an employment program for women prisoners and also refugees recently released from detention.

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The 6 steps to multi-channel customer experience success

The introduction of a multi-channel strategy may initially appear dauntingly complex as it potentially incorporates seven categories of channel.

The shifting relationship between businesses and consumers

Rather than simply accepting whatever products, prices and conditions organisations can offer, consumers are using the weight of their numbers and technology to redefine the rules of engagement.

Social media, the new customer service channel

IT marketers are well-practised in presenting their company’s most convincing face. Which is why it pays to look beyond the rhetoric when considering the potential for any emerging or early lifecycle technology.

Catriona Wallace

Catriona Wallace


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