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Promoting the Olympic spirit in the office: How to

As Australia’s athletes compete for gold at the London Olympics, it is a good reminder for us, as employers, to ask how we can get the same dedication and passion from our employees.

It is our role to ensure employees are inspired to perform at their best in the workplace and this can often be achieved by establishing a good work/life balance for all staff members.

At Ambition Technology we respect that people have lives outside of work and we support and celebrate our employees’ outside interests. For instance, our Sydney office is currently in training for this year’s City to Surf and we have a former Olympian, current Queensland Firebird netballer and triathletes in our ranks too.

We demonstrate the support of our employees’ personal and professional goals by subsidising the entry fees for sporting activities and healthy lifestyle choices, allowing time out of the office for participation in activities and even sponsoring some of the more serious competitors.

You won’t find me chained to my desk either, I can attest to and appreciate, the support I receive for my personal goals as I head to compete in the International Triathlon Union world triathlon championships in New Zealand later this year.

I believe staff that pursue and develop their personal hobbies and interests, whether sporting or otherwise, are often motivated, driven and goal-oriented in the office; resulting in a happier, healthier and ultimately more successful environment.

According to Forbes, an active workplace can be a smarter workplace too. Working out gives you the energy to generate clear and new ideas, boosts mood and memory, sharpens focus, increases work performance and improves time management.

Ambition Technology has reaped the benefits of staff with external ambition. To date our annual employee engagement levels continue to soar, despite recent periods of global economic uncertainty impacting our recruitment sector.

The Great Place to Work Institute lists some top tips for businesses looking to achieve employee work/life ‘gold’ in the workplace, including wellbeing programs and recommendations on how to introduce flexible work arrangements with staff.

As we cheer for Australia at the games, let’s bring some of that energy into the workplace to be faster, higher and stronger too!

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Andrew Cross

Andrew Cross

Andrew Cross, Managing Director of Ambition Technology has more than 16 years’ experience in recruitment. He is also a trained lawyer with a specialisation in employment issues and has in the past served on the board of ITCRA.

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