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Most of Australia’s industries saw employment numbers rise in the last two years

Comparison website Finder.com.au has analysed the 18 industries within Australia, revealing overall growth in industry employment over the last two years.

13 out the 19 industries covered recorded a rise in employment numbers, with Arts and Recreational Services taking a big lead with a 20.59 per cent growth from February 2013. The Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Industry followed behind with a growth rate of 10.09 per cent, while Electricity, Gas, Water, Waste Services registered a jump of 9.35 per cent.

The Mining sector hasn’t fared too well in the last couple of years, its 17.34 per cent drop making it the weakest industry in Australia. Wholesale Trade also registered a drop, weakening by 16.68 per cent in the last two years, and the Media and Telecommunications industry saw a small drop of 1 per cent.

“Since 1984, Australia’s full time workforce has doubled with 5.19 million more workers in 2015. Currently there are 11.76 million workers employed full time in Australia,” Michelle Hutchison, Money Expert at finder.com.au, said.

“However, the national unemployment rate has also been steadily climbing for the last five years and now sits at 6.1 percent. In comparison, it hovered around 5 percent in 2010. Taking this into account, cementing your place in Australia’s workforce has never been more important.”

Interestingly, although it currently stands as the sixth highest growth industry, the Health Care and Social Assistance industry was revealed to have the highest number of employees. The industry registered over 1.46 million employees in February 2015.

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