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LinkedIn unveils new recruitment tool

LinkedIn has detailed its Talent Pipeline, a new feature designed for recruiters looking to better manage their talent leads.

Social media has completely redirected the process for recruiters on the look out for new candidates, and LinkedIn’s new Talent Pipeline aims to tap further into this.

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner said the new feature will be ideal in servicing recruiters searching for more talent from more sources.

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“With LinkedIn Talent Pipeline, we’re extending our Recruiter platform and continuing our focus to connect talent with opportunity on a massive scale by providing a single place to manage and update these leads, wherever they are found,” he said.

The Talent Pipeline opens a wider pool for sources of talent who may not be actively seeking a job. Recruiters are finding more and more that this ‘passive’ talent contains a much larger collection of potential candidates with the right skills, in addition to the active candidates already on their radar.

In terms of a company’s database for candidates, the Talent Pipeline constantly eliminates ‘stale information’, updating job, title or location to keep filed resumes up to date.

The highlights of LinkedIn’s Talent Pipeline feature include:

  • Easily accessible talent leads on the LinkedIn Recruiter platform. Recruiters can import leads and resumes found from other sources into Recruiter. These records can be searched, tagged with additional information, and shared across the team just like any profile sourced on LinkedIn.
  • Stale leads are transformed into up-to-date records with deeper insights by being connected to LinkedIn. When new leads are imported, they’re connected to their LinkedIn profile, which members keep updating even when they aren’t looking for a job.
  • A simple extension of the sourcing that recruiting teams already do on the professional network today. More than 75 of the Fortune 100 and another 6,000 companies use LinkedIn Hiring Solutions as a resource for finding, contacting, evaluating and staying in touch with leads, since they know most of their leads have profiles on LinkedIn

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Lucy Cormack

Lucy Cormack

Lucy is 20-year-old student at the University of Technology Sydney, currently completing a Bachelor of Communications (Journalism). She has previously worked with Pedestrian TV and student publications within UTS, and is now a Dynamic Business intern. Lucy is also a professional cellist and performs across Sydney when she's not writing.

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