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Social media lessons learned at free Dynamic Business event

There was a spectacular turnout at the Dynamic Business social media event last week. Co-hosted by Servcorp, guests were treated to words of wisdom from Shoes of Prey co-founder Jodie Fox, Sydney Writer’s Centre founder Valerie Khoo and digital strategist Cenk Baban.

Facilitated by editor Jen Bishop, the focus of the evening was not just how to get your business using social media, but what are the best ways to turn your Twitter followers into buyers.

The panel universally agreed that being on a variety of social media platforms was beneficial for business, however Baban pointed out the importance of doing research into each medium prior to jumping on, as not all mediums suited all businesses. Going from his ‘Five golden rules for deciding on any new social network’, Baban highlighted the importance of not only familiarising yourself with the network but also its users, in order to ascertain if it’s a worthwhile investment for your business. Another great tip from Baban was checking YouTube or SlideShare for tutorials on how to use new social networks if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Fox pointed out the importance of social media as it adds more than just a name and logo to a brand: it adds personality. Using Shoes of Prey as an example, Fox said social media was “hugely instrumental in the development of who we are and a personality that people can be friends with.”

Khoo agreed, adding that if you’re tweeting or posting on Facebook on your company account, finishing the tweet with a name means that your readers get to know you as more than just a brand, they’ll get to know the people behind it. She also added that being a brand on social media means you should be putting yourself forward as an expert in your field by sharing tips, links and knowledge about issues that could affect your followers.

The panel also suggested getting in touch with bloggers in your chosen field. These people can be influencers, but it’s important to establish a relationship with them first. Khoo says the best way to do this is to start commenting on blog posts so other readers will come to see you also as an influential figure.

Fox emphasised the importance of applying the brand’s personality to all social media comments but also to apply the golden rule: only write something if you’re happy to see it on the front page of the newspaper.

The evening ended with audience questions and networking with the panel. For more information from the event, visit the Twitter hashtag #dynamicsocial.

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Rhiannon Sawyer

Rhiannon Sawyer

[NB: Rhiannon Sawyer no longer works for Dynamic Business]. Rhiannon Sawyer is the editor for Dynamic Business online. She also looks after online content for Dynamic Export. She loves writing business profiles and is fascinated by the growing world of homegrown online businesses and how so many people can make money in their pyjamas.

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