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How to get the most out of Facebook

Facebook is the world’s leading social media network. More and more individuals are connecting every day and businesses are also getting on board. As a SME you may have decided to create a Facebook page for your business but are you effectively using it?

Most SMEs don’t utilise Facebook as effectively as they could. To get the most benefit some effort is required. Maintaining your Facebook Page properly means following some key ‘best’ practices:


Your Facebook page needs attention which means having active conversation occurring in the space. If there are no conversations, people are not going to ‘like’ your page or engage. A lack of conversation is a negative reflection on your business. Social media is a different type of marketing to traditional marketing. It is an active and participatory platform and as such regularity of posting is crucial.

Facebook Strategy

Decide why you have created a Facebook page. Is it because everyone else is doing it? This is not a valid reason to be on social media. Understand and see the value of Facebook so that you are able to connect with your audience. Decide what your goals will be and whether it is to create awareness of your brand or promote your expertise, deciding this will allow you to break down the tasks required to achieve them thereby creating a strategy.

Make it Visual

Text based content is great but don’t underestimate the power of the visual. Use photos, videos and podcasts. Want to sell a product, why not post a tutorial? If you sell a service there are a number of things you could do. Why not post pictures from the office to show a human element or provide the benefits of your service in a podcast or video?

Be Accessible

Think about adding a FAQ or Q&A section with practical information such as customer support. Make contact information and website details easily available. Further the Facebook wall can be used as a live Q&A session where there is a designated time and date for customers to post comments and have them answered in real time.

Dealing with Complaints

Customer complaints need to be responded to literally as soon as possible. The days have long gone where businesses can take days to respond. Doing this on Facebook will cause irreparable damage to reputation and business. Responses need to be consistent, with the same tone and voice and then directed to the most appropriate person. Therefore, have a plan as to how to respond as this will save negativity.

Facebook is a great platform to engage with your customers or clients. However, effort is required to make the most out of it. Try some of these practices and see if there is a difference to how people respond and engage. If you take the time to set up a Facebook page, you might as well spend some time utilising it so that the most can be gained.

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Anna Cairo

Anna Cairo

Anna is a social media communications expert. She supports businesses to increase their online presence through social media. Additionally, she also educates businesses around the impacts social media creates in the workplace and how to minimise these risks. She is a writer, researcher and author writing for diverse audiences on a range of topics. Further, she conducts workshops, presentations and is regularly asked to speak to lawyers around social media risk. Anna was recently nominated for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards 2013. You can join Anna on <a href="https://www.facebook.com/pages/Anna-Cairo-Consulting/285887488090944">Facebook</a> or visit <a href="http://www.annacairo.com">www.annacairo.com</a>.

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