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Why today’s retailers need a purpose-built business tablet

In this era of connected consumers, retailers are making attempts at redefining the shopping experience while increasing the digital media interaction with their consumers.

Consumer demands are also changing how retailers must manage their stores operations, especially when it comes to inventory. Consumers want more choices, which may result in space issues on store shelves or insufficient stock levels. Retailers are constantly looking for ways to make their store operations more efficient, while focusing on rapid order gratification, more precise forecasting and on-site inventory control.

As a lead way to address this need, some early-adopter retailers have already deployed consumer tablets in their stores and, for a variety of reasons—such as limited durability and security—found these tablets fell short of their expectations. This highlights that tablets alone are not sufficient.

Retailers require “blank” tablets with only business-specified applications. The term “blank” indicates the tablets have no pre-loads. In an ideal retail world, the tablets would have a highly secure Android operating system with no gmail, gtalk or Android Marketplace and are devoid of apps not specified by the enterprise. Instead, the tablets would allow retailers to customise it with applications, services and accessories for the unique needs such as payment processing and inventory control.

These “blank” tablets must also feature increased durability, which is critical with retail employees working store floors. Security is another important requirement.

By putting secure enterprise mobility solutions built using blank tablets, business applications and services are placed into the hands of store managers. This allows retailers to manage the store’s performance. Store managers can monitor points of sale, check prices, work with planograms, manage labour and monitor inventory levels – all while on the run. Another way these solutions can help retailers is when consumers access coupons and/or purchase tickets over the Internet, whether printed or displayed on their smartphones. Retailers will now have a way to scan and read the coupon/ticket’s barcode to apply the offer, then invalidate the coupon/ticket so that it is used only one time (or for the duration of the offer).

With secure enterprise mobility solutions built on blank tablets with enterprise-specified applications and services, retailers will increase efficiencies in their operations while making their employees smarter and faster than their connected consumers.

To fill that gap, Verizon has developed a new tablet-based solution that enterprises can customise to provide features such as handling point-of-sale payments and inventory management. Learn more by clicking here.

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John Karabin

John Karabin

John Karabin is the Area Vice President responsible for Verizon Business in the Australia/New Zealand region. His career path highlights a period of mergers and acquisitions, development and growth in the ICT and IT security industry.

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