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How systems can make your business more effective and manageable

Implementing some basic systems will allow you to run your business more effectively, and help you stay on top of the game. Here’s a look at a few of the best tools available to small business owners.

A few weeks ago I flew back to Sydney from L.A. and as I arrived at the airport at six in the morning, there was a huge line at the check-in. At first thought, I suspected we might be at the wrong counter, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

The airline’s computer system was down so the poor ground staff had to do everything manually which obviously took so much longer. A half hour affair turned into a few hours waiting around, but luckily I had my ipad and could read some great Dynamic Business content!

It also made me think about the importance of systems in a business and because I’m a marketing nut, I love systems that help our clients’ businesses market themselves more effectively and stay on top of the game.

So, I’m going to share with you two of my favourite systems, which might help your business become more effective, automated and structured.

1. A great database management system

I absolutely love our database management system (otherwise known as CRM, which stands for customer relationship management).

This system allows us to manage our prospects and clients effectively in one place. Some of my favourite features are that you can add notes to the person, segmentation of our database and the pre-scheduling of emails.

There are many different systems you can use to manage your database such as Aweber, Mailchimp and the one we use (and love) is called Sendpepper.

If you don’t have a CRM system yet, you absolutely must get one, as it will change your life. Another reason for having a system such as sendpepper is that when you send out an email to your database, your contacts can choose to opt out at any time. Don’t you hate it when you get mass emails from someone and there is no opt-out function? You don’t want to be a business known for sending out those emails.

2. An operations manual on steroids and in the cloud

Another system I love is called backpackit. Remember those old school operations manuals that come in big black folders and are usually stored away and covered in dust in the back of an office cupboard (you might even have one of those somewhere!)? With this cloud-based system you can systemise and record all of your processes online and the best thing is that you can use video, audio and text to record a task or process. So every time we have a new task in our business, we either create a quick video, write an explanation or checklist about it and put it onto backpackit.com. This means that basically our whole operations manual is interactive and online. Whenever we have a new team member join our business, we just need them to go through our online operations manual for certain tasks. It makes the training of a new team member so much easier and more effective.

You’ll be amazed the difference implementing some systems in your business will make. They have definitely been an integral part to our and our clients’ business’ success.

Please share your favourite business systems below, I would love to hear from you…

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Franziska Iseli-Hall

Franziska Iseli-Hall

Franziska Iseli-Hall is a marketing strategist, speaker, author and the founder of Basic Bananas – Small Business Marketing Made Simple. She's passionate about helping small business owners grow their businesses through innovative, sustainable and proven marketing strategies. Franziska is on a mission to help small business owners grow their business, live the life of their dreams and give back to community. Her success is in her clients’ results.

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