Need recall information? There’s an app for that

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has launched an iPhone app to provide easy access to information about recalled consumer goods.

Designed for consumers and based on information from the Recalls Australia site, the app is available for free download from the iTunes store.

According to ACCC deputy chairman Peter Kell, the app allows consumers to check for recalled products when out and about.

“For example, you could be at a garage sale, where a recalled product might have unwittingly been made available for purchase.”

The app lists information for each recall, allowing consumers to quickly identify the recalled product, where it was sold and what to do if they have one of the products.

“Additionally, the app allows you to report products you think are unsafe directly to the ACCC. You can even attach a photo you’ve taken from your phone of the product,” Kell added.

The ACCC is also active in a number of online forums where product safety is discussed, and is looking into additional ways to engage with consumers online.

“If you have other ideas about how we can better connect with you about product safety via social media, you can email your suggestions to,” Kell said.

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