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Why Christmas isn’t the time to slow down

Australia is home to more than 800,000 small businesses.

Interestingly, this rapid dynamic business community that spans across a massive array of industries tend to come to the similar conclusion – Christmas is the time to put the business and the marketing of the business on hiatus.

Slowing down the natural momentum of the markets, simply because it’s the holiday season is a very dangerous attitude to possess.

Business and the markets never stop, nor does the ever fervent hunger of consumerism. Creating an invisibility cloak to cover your business for this period merely serves to jeopardise a company’s ability to carry momentum into the New Year, and stunts a businesses’ opportunity to grow.

If you’ve found yourself in this decision-making process, you can be sure that your competitors are in the same mind-set. As a business owner, it means that you have the opportunity to boost your own market share without having to market proactively; simply by extending your marketing campaigns to cover the December period is will help position your business ahead of your competitors. Consumers will never curb their desire to continue to acquire and purchase, which places you and your business in a very lucrative position.

In the online marketing world, advertising during December when competitors are often putting their businesses on hiatus, translates into a lucrative opportunity not often seen for competitive industries. Cost per click is cheaper and impression shares are higher which means that campaigns are gaining greater exposure at a cheaper rate.

Looking from the bottom-line as we all obsessively do, it means that your cost-per-acquisition will fall during the December period. Never forget that January is the month when everyone returns to work. Businesses across all industries often view January as a slow month, as sales departments start to re-arm their war chests again and undertake active fulfilment of their leads and sales pipelines. Marketing during the festive season allows businesses to transition back into full operation seamlessly without any downtime or quiet period.

Micro-business owners often find it difficult to make a clear distinction between themselves and their own business as separate entities. Simply because the business owner is going on holiday does not necessarily translate to the business being placed on hiatus – nor should it.

From a technical point of view within pay-per-click advertising, business accounts that are using these services can actually go backwards if they are frozen. All of that hard-work and money spent on getting these accounts into money-making machines can be placed into jeopardy by simply succumbing to the urge of implementing a pause on the account.

Helpful tips for cash-strapped small businesses that desire a ray of sunshine in online marketing would be to start with a tighter ad schedule. Find out the most lucrative time for sales and leads and tighten your ad schedule to reflect that. By implementing a tight ad-schedule, you can then cut down on your daily ad spend.

There’s absolutely no problem trying to save some money while maintaining and even increasing your exposure. You may be able to even drop bids on expensive keywords without harming your exposure.

Businesses should never see Christmas as a time to close up shop. View it as a lucrative opportunity to accelerate your business ahead of the pack, and get the New Year off to a successful start.

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Ben Bradshaw

Ben Bradshaw

Ben Bradshaw is one of Australia’s most established and renowned online marketing and Google AdWords pioneers. He is the founder and CEO of Australia’s largest Australian owned, multi-award winning AdWords management company, SponsoredLinX.

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