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Tourism Australia has launched a $150 million global tourism campaign There’s Nothing Like Australia in an effort to rebuild Brand Australia after the failed Where the bloody hell are you campaign.

Australia CampaignTourism Australia launched the campaign last night to around 2,000 international and local tourism industry delegates at the Australian Tourism Exchange trade show in Adelaide, with the centrepiece of the campaign featuring a new television ad with a simple jingle to promote Australia’s $89 billion tourism industry (Video Below).

The There’s Nothing Like Australia advertising campaign cost $4 million to create and was directed by Michael Gracey, who partnered with jingle writer Josh Abrahams to record a memorable tune to represent Brand Australia across many markets and languages. The use of the song and simple imagery represents a ‘back to basics’ approach that hopes to avoid the problems that plagued the failed Where the bloody hell as you campaign which was lost in translation in many markets.

Tourism Australia Managing Director, Andrew McEvoy said the campaign features a new online interactive map of Australia crowd sourced from ‘real Australians’ highlighting the best of their country.

“Our research found that 80% of Australians wanted to promote their country as a travel destination so we invited them to share their pictures and stories at the campaign website,” Mr McEvoy said.

“Now potential travellers around the world will be able to access this information using the latest interactive digital media technology at www.australia.com and www.nothinglikeaustralia.com to research and plan their trip to Australia.

“Australians have identified our people, wildlife, beaches, the reef, the outback, vibrant cities and laid-back lifestyle as the things that make Australia a unique and special place to visit. These suggestions are highlighted in all the elements of the new campaign,” Mr McEvoy.

There’s Nothing Like Australia campaign will run for three years at a cost of $150 million. Tourism Australia is hopeful that the campaign’s jingle will become iconic and stand the test of time, however choosing whether to refresh the campaign or not will come well into the campaign’s lifetime.

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