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New travel technology gives breakthrough protection for workers

Australian employees required to travel overseas with their work will have access to unprecedented levels of protection as a result of a new technology suite launched today by Sydney emergency management firm Dynamiq.

The Dynamiq Travel Risk Management (TRM) Suite also gives employers the highest possible legal protection by helping them meet – and exceed – their duty of care to travelling staff.

Dynamiq’s founder and CEO Anthony Moorhouse said, the TRM Suite delivered a level of protection never before available to Australians travelling abroad for work.

“It gives businesses the ability to track employees anywhere in the world, to broadcast urgent information and safety alerts, and to ensure their staff are acting on those alerts,” Moorhouse said.

“From the dashboard of the TRM Suite, managers have access to a range of location information, security alerts and travel itinerary data which will tell them in an instant whether staff may be in danger, and allow them to respond accordingly.”

Moorhouse said, with the Federal Government pushing towards a new national workplace health and safety regime, ensuring the protection of staff around the world will become more important than ever for Australian businesses.

“The Dynamiq TRM Suite is also fully tailored to the needs of each business – no matter how large or small – so they can be confident they are meeting their obligations to their staff.”

Dynamiq TRM Suite allows businesses to:

  • Monitor the travel activities of their staff across the globe in real time;
  • Instantly access information about the number of employees on a particular flight or in an area impacted by natural disasters or civil unrest;
  • Ensure staff are complying with company travel policies;
  • Broadcast information on emerging safety risks, flight delays and other essential information via SMS;
  • Track whether staff have received and responded to essential information;
  • Access up-to-the-minute security alerts from Dynamiq’s 24/7 Global Operations Centre; and
  • Call on Dynamiq’s global network of security and medical experts for instant assistance in the event of an accident or emergency

“Travel itineraries can be automatically imported into the TRM Suite to save time and eliminate the risk of mistakes in data entry. The software automatically identifies any staff member who has not listed their mobile number or email address, and issues an alert to ensure all information is completed prior to that person travelling overseas.”

“It will also automatically update any changes to flights or accommodation, and send relevant alerts to the traveller throughout their trip. Most importantly, it has a two-way SMS feature which reports back that vital security and travel information has been received by the employee and supports continued emergency communications. All of that adds up to peace of mind for travelling employees, their families and their employers.”

Moorhouse said the TRM Suite was a natural extension of Dynamiq’s international emergency management support offerings.

“Dynamiq was founded with the express purpose of helping businesses plan for and deal with emergencies. One of the most critical parts of any emergency response is access to fast and reliable information about the situation you are dealing with. The Dynamiq TRM Suite provides that information, and in conjunction with our other services I am confident it will save lives in the years ahead.”

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