Font Faux Pas

Font. It’s everywhere you look. From number plates to road signs to newspapers to documents, font is part of everyday life. But did you know that the font you choose for your presentations, company logo or even a business card is subconsciously speaking volumes about you and your business?

Veer, a provider of affordable visual elements that make it easier to be creative, recently launched their Australian website and offers more than 12,000 fonts starting from just $10 each.

Australian font designer Wayne Thompson, from Australian Type Foundry, is a regular contributor for Veer and suggests “the correct choice of font can tell customers what you do, and conversely the incorrect choice can confuse them.  In the same way that you set out to differentiate your business from your competitors, your font will need to do the same.”

Thompson’s guidelines for choosing the right font are:

  • To convey the appearance of trustworthiness and tradition, Thompson recommends using a serif font (i.e. a font with semi-structural details on the ends of some strokes, for example Times New Roman)
  • To appear modern (i.e. an architectural practice) use a sans-serif font such as Arial
  • For formal occasions such as wedding invitations, use a script or calligraphy typeface
  • For casual party invitations, handwritten fonts are the way to go

Thompson’s final failsafe tip?  “If you want to appear professional, it’s definitely worth taking the time to browse through font libraries such as and select a font that best represents your business values.”

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