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New Products for September 2005

Nurturing Customers

No customers means no business, so it’s important to have a handle on customer relationship management (CRM). Innovation award-winning Maximizer 8 keeps you on top of sales leads, produces marketing material and makes sure customer enquiries are taken care of. Staff in the field, such as sales and marketing team members, are also able to use this software on the go through real-time web access and a PDA, minimising the risk of losing potential clients.


• Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Quicken QuickBooks

• Alerts for sales leads follow-ups

• Text and HTML email marketing campaigns

• Customer status tracking

• Real-time access via web

• Automatic reply to email enquiries

• Crystal Reports

Product: Maximizer 8

RRP: $273.90



Active ImageFree For All

B-free, a new Australian-made accounting software program, is making counting your shoebox full of receipts easier. Operating from a secure double encrypted site, the B-free program transfers information directly from your bank account to create financial reports such as your BAS and tax return.

Common words appearing on expenses have been programmed into the software so they are automatically divided into their appropriate expense category. You’ll never have to reconcile your bank statement again!


• Automatic GST calculation

• File data into accounts

• BAS return

• Support available 24-7

• Windows compatibility

• Free trial available from the website

Product: B-Free accounting software

RRP: $299 for 12-month access with full support



Active ImageWireless Wonder

iBurst has released a new breed of broadband to keep you connected to the internet wherever they are, without worrying about ‘connecting’ to hotspots. Simply plug the card-like modem into your laptop and voila! You have fast and safe connection to the World Wide Web on the train, in the car, at home…


• Coverage across most state capitals

• Maximum of 1Mbps

• Modem card with antenna

• No wires or power cords

Product: iBurst wireless modem

RRP: $299.95 plus monthly internet subscription



Road WarriorActive Image

Directionally challenged? TomTom has a navigation device to help you get to that meeting on time. Particularly useful for sales reps or the business owner constantly on the go, the TomTom 300 gives detailed directions for any address you key in on the touch screen. Specific instructions, such as the fastest or shortest route, can be included so the amount of time you spend driving in circles will be significantly cut down. If you’re after more features there’s an upgrade available that includes hands-free mobile calling.


• 5-hour battery life

• Voice and on-screen instructions

• Portability

• Built-in Bluetooth connection

• GPS receiver

• Over 30 languages

• Points of interest

Product: TomTom 300

RRP: $1,099



PDF for BusinessActive Image

Graphic designers aren’t the only ones that need to use PDF software. ScanSoft has released software catering for businesses needing the basics of PDF conversion rather than the full kit. Using the PDF Converter Professional 3 you can create and edit PDFs as well as covert existing PDFs into Word, Excel or WordPerfect documents. So now you can take advantage of the convenience of using PDFs without paying for all the extras you don’t need.


• FormTyper to fill in normal PDF forms

• Compatibility with Adobe Reader

• Password protection for PDFs

• Direct editing of PDF files

Product: ScanSoft PDF Converter Professional 3

RRP: $195



Risky BusinessActive Image

Are you aware of the risks facing your business? According to Phoenix Global, an Australian risk management and investigation firm, many of the people that have come to them have no idea what dangers exist. To help you become more aware of risks such as fraud and how to prevent it, they have produced Bulletproof Your Business, a CD guide dedicated to controlling the risks that exist in everyday operations.

Topics covered:

• Human resource issues

• Preventing workplace injury

• Controlling debts and assets

• Computer security

• Disaster management

• Insurance

• Complying with fair trading

• Privacy restrictions

Product: Bulletproof Your Business CD

RRP: $220 plus GST


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