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Advertorial: Wealth Creation Management

“How Does It Work-

Setting Up And Managing A Search Engine Marketing Campaign”

•    Don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a SEM consultant.
•    Want someone to walk you through a campaign?

This is the best and most affordable live Search Marketing training in Australia

Professional consultants change thousands to create SEM campaigns. Now you have the opportunity to hear not only from Kate Conroy Senior Account Strategist, Google Australia but also James O’Toole, award winning Search Marketing expert.

This comprehensive day is designed for those who know about SEM but need more advanced, specific information.  James will walk you through each stage step by step providing you with a complete understanding of the intricacies of setting up a campaign.  Not only that, this advanced seminar will be show you how to manage your campaign at all levels so as to maximize you ROI and business objectives.

In addition you will be shown how to understand the data collected and the best use of that data to Optimise your campaign, thus meeting your business objectives.  Kate is a highly regarded member of the Google team and will discuss Optimisation from Googles perspective. 

•    Discover what the professionals know and how you can do it too
•    Get specific, clear, precise information consultants charge thousands for

Visit our site to receive a $50 discount on our Advanced seminar

http://www.wealthcreationmanagement.com/special/searchmarketing-dynamicbusiness.php or call  02 9939 5420 for more information

Not ready for the Advanced Seminar?

How Does it Work – Search Engine Marketing (SEM) explained is a comprehensive half-day seminar.  You'll discover

•    Tools to successful search engine marketing and how to stay ahead of your competitors.
•    How to reduce costs and increase business profits.
•    essential information for anyone wanting to improve the performance of their website.

Visit our website for more information http://www.wealthcreationmanagement.com/searchmarketing01.php or call 02 9939 5420

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