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Women: Three ways to get more respect

Working women say they still suffer setbacks in the office. One guy weighs in with a few suggestions.

Over the years, I’ve heard many women, mostly in male-dominated industries, observe that they don’t seem to get the respect they deserve from the aforesaid males–and that the lack of respect has had adverse consequences on their careers.

I have no doubt that’s true. I’m also well aware that by writing about this subject, I’m running full speed into a mine field.

Even so, I have a few suggestions for women who want more respect from the men at their workplace.

1. Stop Blaming (Just) the Men

Repeated surveys reveal that most women would rather work for men than for other women. For example, a 2009 poll of 2,000 women either with part- or full-time employment revealed that two-thirds were happier having a male boss. Female bosses were seen as being more “prone to mood swings” while men tended to be more authoritative, better at decision-making and more likely to be straight-talkers.

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