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The growth of female entrepreneurs in Australia

Are female leaders really absent from Australia’s corporate sector or is our understanding of women’s progress being distorted by focusing only on ASX500 companies?

The rise and rise of mumpreneurs

There is an unquestionable parallel between the rise of female-owned start-ups and the beginnings of a generation of mothers who are also entrepreneurs.

What’s really happening with women in small business

When recent research crossed our desks suggesting that there are a lot less women in business than you’d think, we decided to find out what’s happening with women in the Australian small business space.

Dell celebrates female founders and entrepreneurs in New Delhi

Fifteen female entrepreneurs from Australia were part of an exclusive group of 149 women from 11 countries at the third annual Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network Event this week, including our woman on the ground Valerie Khoo,

Looking for confidence? Talk to a woman in business

It's official, female business owners are more confident than their male counterparts, and it shows in the nature of their focus and planning. Here's a look at the other areas women in business are forging ahead.

Women opening businesses at twice the rate of men

Women are becoming key influencers in non-traditional industries such as building, construction, and agriculture, according to new research released in the lead up to the 2012 Telstra Business Women's Awards.

Innovative award-winning businesswoman Louise McCormick on self-belief

As the 2012 Telstra Business Women’s Awards open for nominations, Dynamic Business is speaking with 12 former winners about the impact the program's had on their careers. Today, engineer Louise McCormick discusses the power of innovation in business.

Women: Three ways to get more respect

Working women say they still suffer setbacks in the office. One guy weighs in with a few suggestions.

Online directory connecting Mums in business launches

The Clever Mamma Community is officially online, connecting like-minded service business owners and allowing them to outsource jobs to other women in business to better enhance their offerings.


Why is Australia seeing fewer female CEOs?

Fewer women are running the country’s top 200 ASX-listed companies in 2020 compared to the last four years, according to the Chief...

Coronanomics – What we’ve learnt about the economics of COVID-19

If trade bought prosperity to all corners of the world, then COVID-19 is showing the dark side of an interdependent world.

Should you incorporate an AI strategy into your business?

With both government and companies eagerly adopting artificial intelligence (AI) strategies, we explore how AI could also streamline and scale your business....

‘A 10,000 per cent increase in page views in 2 weeks’: how to scale up in a crisis

As a telehealth provider, Coviu experienced a sudden surge in customer demand during the pandemic. Their website saw a 10,000 per cent...

Unemployment rate drops, defying forecasts

Official ABS figures released today show that the unemployment rate has fallen to 6.8 per cent in August, down from 7.5 per...

Qantas disrupts financial services industry with SME business loans

Qantas will start referring business frequent flyers to lending platform Valiant Finance. This partnership helps Qantas members access working capital, asset finance...

Employees willing to salary sacrifice for flexible working: Research

Research from payroll and HR software solutions provider, Ascender, shows that more than one in three (37 per cent) of Australians are...

Let’s Talk: The Right Reasons

A strong story behind a business's inception can have a powerful effect on customers. Customers may identify with a founder's back story...