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What can a $50,000 marketing boost offer your business?

Getting a marketing breakthrough can be a business-changing exercise and Dynamic Business and Strategy and Action are offering one lucky reader a $50,000 Marketing Breakthrough prize.

But what is it like to go through one and what can you expect at the other side?  Dynamic Business spoke to a company that recently got a marketing breakthrough from Strategy and Action. What did they ask for, what did they get and where are they now?

We interviewed Mary-Jane Knudsen of East West Insurance Brokers and got the inside scoop on Strategy and Action’s marketing breakthroughs.

First, what does East West Insurance Brokers do, and for whom?
We specialise in general, business and professional insurance. As an insurance broker we act for our clients. We identify their risks then go to the insurance market and compare policies and prices to tailor the best insurance plan for their specific risks. We can also help our clients with the claims process and any amendments to their policies throughout the year. I guess you could say our clients see us as the insurance advisor on their business advisory team.

What was the primary reason your company approached Strategy and Action?
We wanted a new online lead-generating system. We were keen to grow our business and we knew the web was an essential component. We interviewed several companies and chose Strategy and Action.

What was the program Strategy and Action drew up for you?
Strategy and Action drew up a program of what they wanted to do. They were going to research our market and our competitors. This was important. It would help shape what we said and how. Then they outlined the plan to build a well structured, easy to navigate website and all the activities to feed that website with leads. They helped get the structure right. Then they talked about how they’d put it all into action. It was all detailed, costed and straight forward.

What was it like going through it?
It was a big learning curve, but Strategy and Action lead us through the process in easy steps. We learned more about our clients and the words they use to describe what they want. We learned about our competitors and where they got it right and where they got it wrong. We learned how an effective online presence is multilayered… how we needed to appeal to both potential new clients and to the Google search engine.

What assets, activities and processes did Strategy and Action improve?
We got a new website but also new activities to feed that website with leads. The website is built to better get across what it needs to, and yet it’s flexible to allow us to adapt it ourselves. Just as important, it says things in the right way. It’s more modern and user friendly. Then there’s the activity side of things… the search-engine results are better and our Google Adwords is great.

What are the results?
We have more business coming from the web and it’s growing our revenues. It’s terrific. Skin-deep, it might look like we simply got a new website, but we didn’t. We got a better lead-generation system that just happens to revolve, at the moment, around the web. And by focussing on specific target markets, we’re much more competitive. We always offered a great service to our clients. But now we’re providing it to more people.

What’s next for you and Strategy and Action?
There are so many more things we want, now. Going forward, we are working with Strategy and Action to identify the best balance of attention versus new business enquiries.

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