Vodafone invests in new customer service system

Vodafone says a new system designed to deliver faster responses to customers regardless of how they contact the company will allow it to better meet changing customer service expectations.

The new system is part of its ‘One Connect’ customer service strategy, which is due to go live next March and will continuously monitor all enquiries across all channels, including the contact centre, emails to support, posts onto Vodafone’s Twitter and Facebook accounts and the Vodafone Community eForum.

The system will then route the enquiry to the customer service advisor with the best skills to respond, which Vodafone said will improve customer responses and reduce the need to transfer calls to different service departments.

One Connect will also provide Vodafone’s retail and contact centre-based customer service staff with the information to deliver better resolution of enquiries.

Vodafone has faced a raft of negative press this year, after losing 375,000 customers in the first half due to network difficulties and poor customer service, SMH reported.

It was also facing a class action from 23,000 of its unhappy customers, led by law firm Piper Alderman. The class action hasn’t moved forward however, due to a lack of the funding needed to bring the case to court.

Director of Customer Service and Experience Cormac Hodgkinson said the new system is “incredibly advanced”.

“Ultimately, the service expectations of our customers have changed in terms of how they contact us, and we want to ensure we can meet that service expectation.”

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