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vividwireless deploys RightNow

RightNow CX has been deployed by 4G wireless Internet network, vividwireless, a Seven Group Holdings Limited company to coordinate its customer service, RightNow supports vividwireless across multiple interaction channels including phone, web, email and chat.

VividWirelessAs Australia’s first 4G wireless market, vividwireless is differentiating itself by providing exceptional customer experience.  This is not only across its products and services, but also through the customer care it provides. Its RightNow enabled Web and Contact Centre Experience are essential elements of that differentiation.

Initially, RightNow has supported vividwireless through its launch location of Perth and initial extension to Sydney and Melbourne.    The system’s scalability and cloud-based architecture means it will easily flex to meet the company’s growth plans as it pushes into other metropolitan areas.

Martin Mercer, Chief Executive Officer of vividwireless explains further the criteria that led to them selecting RightNow:

“Australia’s first 4G wireless network provides customers with what we believe is a new and better Internet experience. We felt that it was essential to align our customer service offering to the exceptional experience offered by our products. With that in mind we needed a system that would integrate with existing systems, scale over time as required and be easy to use – for customers and staff.

“In among those criteria was the very real need to get a better handle on the voice of the customer, understanding what they need from us, where we could be doing better and where we’re doing well. RightNow’s ability to offer all of that through a single system was a critical selection point because now we’re able to gain visibility into customer trends and make better informed business decision on the back of the data.

“RightNow is critical to our objective of delivering customer service that meets customer demand and exceeds expectations.”

Brett Waters, Vice President Asia Pacific – South, RightNow Technologies says, “vividwireless is at the forefront of the next generation of Internet technologies. The company combines an exceptional media pedigree with outstanding telecommunications expertise and an abiding commitment to customer service.  It’s a potent mix and we are delighted to be working alongside them as they embark upon the roll-out of Australia’s first 4G network.”

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