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Trying to tap into the viral nature of crowdfunding

Entrepreneur Josh Abramson, co-founder of CollegeHumor and BustedTees, is moving on to a Kickstarer-esque graphic t-shirt e-commerce site.

Josh Abramson, co-founder of the comedy site CollegeHumor and clothing site veteran BustedTees, says he plans to officially launch another clothing site TeePublic–a graphic t-shirt e-commerce site that follows a Kickstarter-esque model–on Thursday.

The website will allow designers to submit designs that site users can fund Kickstarter-style for $20. If the shirt gets 30 funders within the 30-day time period, the shirt goes into full production and the original designer gets $5 for each shirt sold, TeePublic pocketing the rest. If it doesn’t get enough supporters in the allotted time, the project dies.

Abramson told Inc. that he isn’t launching TeePublic out of some undying passion for the t-shirt business; he just sees it as an opportunity to get back into entrepreneurship game in an industry he knows well as a veteran of the both the web media and e-commerce clothing space.

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