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The best way to fire an employee

These tips won’t make it any easier on the employee (or you) but they will make the process go as smoothly as it can.

Recently I wrote about things you should never say when you fire an employee. A few people emailed to say, in essence, “Great, but what should I say and do when I fire an employee?

Fair enough. Here’s how to make a bad situation better—or at least as “better” as it can possibly be—when you have to fire an employee for cause:

Be certain.

Seems obvious, right? Not always: The heat of the moment can cause you to make a snap decision that is neither correct nor fair.

Even if you have a zero-tolerance policy for certain behaviours, take a few minutes to make sure the employee’s action truly falls within the parameters of that policy. When you’re mad (or really disappointed) it’s easy to think, “That’s it… she has to go,” and unintentionally forget about guidelines and precedents. While you can bring an employee back on after you make a mistake, no one will ever forget what happened.

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