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Social media is getting nasty. How can you rise above it?

With social media widening its reach by the day, etiquette is getting the ax. We provide some tips on how to avoid succumbing to snarky behavior.

In a world infatuated with social media, one-on-one private interactions have become a thing of the past.

Gone are the days where praise was exemplified by a literal pat on the back, as is the premise of keeping disputes behind closed doors.  The latter concept, of publicizing private quarrels has led to the advent of what a new VitalSmarts study calls “social rudeness.”

After analyzing the interactions of 2,698 social users the survey noted that 78 percent of people reportedly witnessed an increase in online rudeness and 88 percent had no qualms about being less polite virtually than in person. Additionally, VitalSmarts found that one in five people reduced face to face contact after an online run-in with the same individual.

Fortunately, whether you, as a young entrepreneur, are attempting to protect your personal reputation or your company’s brand, the man behind VitalSmarts, Joseph Grenny, has provided three ways to avoid digital confrontation and prevent defamation. I also added a few pointers myself.

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