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Scoop of the Day uses the internet to leverage group buying power

On March 30, Scoop of the Day will launch in Sydney. Soon, the individual consumer will have access to unbeatable deals as they’ve never had before, leveraging group buying power to open the door to local businesses, spas, restaurants, bars and more.

“Its vibrant cultural, culinary and nightlife aspects made Sydney the perfect place to launch,” said Braden Yuill, CEO of Scoop of the Day. “We have endless opportunities for exciting deals that will appeal to a variety of customers.” Scoop of the Day

Scoop of the Day works with local businesses to leverage fantastic offers by promising each business a minimum number of customers. When the daily deal appears on scoopoftheday.com.au, members receive a free e-mail, alerting them to the offer. If they’re interested, they agree to buy. When enough people buy, the deal is on. Members must buy within 24 hours, therefore they are encouraged to spread the word via Facebook and Twitter.

Scoop of the Day models itself after a Website in the United States, Groupon, and expects to see similar popularity. The American company gained more than one million subscribers in its first year, and its impressive growth has continued into its second.

“This concept doesn’t just put buying power in the hands of the consumer, it puts selling power in the hands of the business,” said Yuill.

“It revolutionizes the way businesses get customers through the door,” Yuill said. “It’s more than that initial purchase. They’ll tell friends, they’ll come back, they’ll leave a review or tweet about it. The opportunities are endless.”

Scoop of the Day ‘s Sydney launch is scheduled for March 30, with launches throughout Australia slated for later this year. For more information on Scoop of the Day, to find out how your business can be featured or to sign up for e-mail notifications visit www.scoopoftheday.com.au.

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