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Salesforce creates new office Chatter

Salesforce.com today announced the global availability of its Salesforce Chatter application to nearly 80 thousand customers.

Salesforce ChatterChatter is the first cloud-based enterprise social collaboration application and platform that is social, mobile and operates in real time.

Chatter expands on social sites and features made popular by Facebook, Twitter and Google, allowing collaboration on more than just documents, employees can also follow people, business processes and application data. It operates much like Twitter, but messages are seen only by company employees.

The immediacy of Chatter is changing the way businesses are operating and employees are communicating, says director of CRM, BCD Travel, Katrina Bentley.

“We operate in a market where success depends on accurate, real-time information. Salesforce Chatter revolutionized how we operate and how executives stay on top of key deals, projects and clients in this dynamic environment.”

With Chatter, we were able to turn our custom apps into social enterprise apps that Chatter business data within minutes,” says Ms Bentley.

Salesforce.com also announced today a new Chatter license for customers to extend the enterprise social network company-wide. Companies using this license can harness the immediacy and productivity of these consumer applications to encourage social collaboration among all their employees.

Chatter is becoming an efficient way to collaborate around business development, according to founder and CEO of Seesmic, Loic Le Meur.

“We are so addicted to the productivity and real-time insights we’re getting from Chatter that we want it integrated to our Seesmic Desktop and other products which we are planning this year. Chatter is a game changer for managing your company.”