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Rediscovering your passion

This week I had the wonderful opportunity to present at business workshops held for the finalists of the Tasmanian Telstra Business Awards. I was asked about how to take your business to the next level, move your business forward, and I thought I’d share with you one of insights I discussed with the finalists.

On Monday night, we were discussing how you take your business to the next level – especially when your business has become more complex.  I shared some observations I have gleaned from the most successful business folks I have met on my travels – the one thing they all have in common is passion.  The business dream and vision they started with, still resonates with them and motivates them.

So as one financial year ends and another starts, why not remind yourself why you started your business in the first place.  What was that brilliant idea you had, the passion that drove you to chase your dreams and be brave enough to give up a pay-cheque and start your own business?

I reckon it’s always helpful to revisit or rediscover what motivates and inspires you — particularly if it’s something you feel you may have lost sight of along the way.

I was talking with Grant & Margaret Thurlow from TAS Petroleum at the Awards in Tasmania, they shared their passion with me – the ability to provide fantastic, personalised and local service in Tasmania – something they felt their industry was lacking with the global trends of centralisation and offshoring.  The result – a growing business, happy clients, and awesome recognition as this year’s winner of the MYOB Small Business Award in Tassie.  And who inspired Grant the most – who was the person who he wanted to call as soon as he won his Award – his mum!  Brilliant!

Sometimes you can get so caught up with the daily running of your business you can lose sight of why you went down that path in the first place. If you’re planning to take your business and team through a time of growth, to reach new objectives, don’t forget why you went into business in the first place. This will help you set a direction and goals that are relevant to both growth and the passion and reason behind the business.  Share this passion or light-bulb moment that got you started with your team and encourage them to embrace it, to understand what’s behind it all.

Have you been in business a while and needed to take your mind back to the start? To remind yourself why you started your business? How did that motivate you?

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