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Raise your daughters to be leaders: 6 tips

What’s it take to raise strong, confident women who will build the Apples, Facebooks, and Amazons of the future? One marketing exec (and mom) weighs in.

It’s an exciting time for women. New Hampshire is the first state in the nation to send an entirely female congressional delegation to Washington. And by the way, the governor is a woman, too. Marissa Mayer, though controversial, is making her mark on the corporate world and showing that women can hang with the big boys.

More and more women are excelling in leadership positions–in government and non-profits, in start-ups and public corporations, in sports and entertainment.

Even so, the number of male leaders still dwarfs female leaders. My husband recently sent me a survey via Twitter (yes, this is how we sometimes communicate) asking “Why Aren’t There More Women CEOs?” The results of the survey:

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