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The popularity of QR Codes is on the increase, but still a lot of people don’t quite understand what they are. Hopefully this will help.

First of all, you might ask what the name actually stands for. QR stands for Quick Response, which relates to the speed at which high quantities of data can be read by a scanner. QR Codes are generally square and contain simple black and white blotch patterns (like the image under the heading). Having said that, variations in colours and styles can be incorporated in order to represent your brand more effectively.

QR Codes can be displayed almost anywhere. Over time, you will see them pop up all over the place, from TV shows to print advertising to billboards. There is very little restriction as to where they can be placed, so much so that they have even been displayed on clothing.

So why are companies using QR Codes? QR Codes can be used to reveal more information about a product, service or event. Generally they are used to direct customers or users to a specific URL, video, coupon, event page or email address. So if one of your key priorities is to drive more traffic to your site or a specific page, QR Codes can provide the perfect solution.

QR Codes enable companies to engage with existing and potential customers through the mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

To make use of QR Codes is simple. All you need is a mobile device with a camera and an app to read the data in the code. There are loads of QR Code reader applications available to download to your smartphone. A simple search will bring up a range of choices.

QR codes have many uses and simplify processes by removing the need to type anything. QR Codes are also omnidirectional, which means they can be presented at any angle and still be read.

So if you have seen QR Codes and have not really understood what they are, hopefully you now know a little more about them. If you are keen to learn more though, feel free to send me an email at roger.woodend@2ergo.com

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Roger Woodend

Roger Woodend

Roger Woodend is the General Manager of 2ergo Australia. A man with a clear vision - to ensure 2ergo becomes THE leading provider of mobile marketing services in Australia. It is this bold outlook that has propelled him through a successful career of over 10 years spanning various markets including the UK, Europe and the US, and which has led him to his role as General Manager of 2ergo Australia. With a background in telecoms, IT outsourcing and systems integration, Roger has extensive experience working with major global corporations including BP, Samsung, Tyco International, Atos Origin and British Telecom (BT). During his career, Roger has held a variety of sales and senior management positions and since his arrival in Sydney he has secured an MBA from Macquarie Business School.

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