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Proto Partners take new approach to customer service

Australian company Proto Partners has developed a new approach to customer service, to combat Australia’s poor ability to maintain customer satisfaction.Customer Service

Proto Partners, a ‘service design’ company, has developed a four dimensional approach to breaking down the barriers between customers and companies to ensure customer satisfaction. The creation of this strategy was spurred on by a recent survey that found 81 percent of Australians feel that that businesses are not doing anything extra to keep their business or are taking their business for granted, with only 2 percent reporting that service usually exceeds their expectations.

The survey also revealed that the majority of consumers would spend an average of 8 percent more if exceptional customer service accompanied the service.

Proto Partners developed its 4D approach to address this statistic and help Australia’s service industry improve, according to Managing Partner, Proto Partners Damian Kernahan.

The steps involve discovering what’s actually in the customer’s head, designing a memorable customer experience, developing that memorable experience through prototyping and finally, delivering the experience on a sustainable basis.

Service design is about creating an enjoyable experience all the way along the purchase making process and fixing the issues that customers don’t actually like about a company, says Mr Kernahan.

“We help to make a customer’s experience when purchasing a product or service intentional not accidental. There are so many opportunities to amaze and inspire a customer during their decision making process and turn these ‘customer touch-points’ into business profit-points.”

“Our business model works particularly well for franchises, where a company can roll out a new customer experience formula across all their franchises”, said Mr Kernahan.

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