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New Facebook option can help brands regain fan engagement

Frustrated about a dramatic decrease in reach? The social network has at least one way to counteract the drop off.

The backlash over Facebook’s Promoted Posts feature and a dramatic drop in fan engagement is heating up. Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban says all of the around 70 companies he owns or has invested in are now shifting their social strategies away from Facebook in favor of Twitter and other networks. Like other business owners, he’s fed up with Facebook’s pay-for-reach strategy.

The problems started this summer when Facebook introduced Promoted Posts, which allows business Pages with 400 or more “likes” to pay so that more fans see their posts in their News Feeds. But many businesses that aren’t paying for the extra reach are now experiencing a significant drop in fan engagement – as much as 50 percent in some cases.

Facebook says this might be result of a change it made to its algorithm – commonly referred to as Edgerank – in September to highlight only the most engaging posts from brand Pages.

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