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Making the most of your Australia Day Monday

Having a public holiday so soon after Christmas may feel like a treat but perhaps it could be best spent catching up on those things you keep putting aside. Here are four activities to keep you busy, and on top of things, this public holiday.

Get your social media dreams started

With no one else in the office, today might be the day where you can sit back and finally set up the social media accounts you don’t have yet. If you’re already active on social media, download some ebooks on how to increase your best practice use of your accounts- so even if you are at the beach you can be proactive in getting on top of your social media goals for 2013. Or you could read one of the many helpful articles on this site!

Do some summer cleaning

Did you plan to get on top of office organisation prior to Christmas? Did it not really happen because of that last minute job that kept you busy right up to Christmas Eve? No worries, now’s the time to get into the office and get organised. You’ll feel like you’re making a great start to the year by organising the filing, rearranging the furniture and really giving the business a sprucing up. It might not be how you would ideally like to spend your public holiday, but it will make you feel better when you get into work on Wednesday and see all the organised surfaces.

Write down your goals for the year

Again, if you’d planned a picnic or beach trip on Monday, this is something you can do out of the office. But writing down your goals makes it that much easier to achieve them, if you always have them ready to hand or up around your desk. Find yourself someone to make you accountable for your goals- it’s great to have a buddy that will keep you on track.

Take the opportunity to network 

(Almost) everyone has the day off, so this could be the day where you finally get in touch with people you’ve been meaning to call. Invite them over for a BBQ, or just finally send them that email you’ve been meaning to send. Relationship management is important, and this includes your professional relationships.

…or just relax 

Let’s face it! Running a small business is tough and you need a day off just as much as the next person. Put your feet up, turn off your phone and ignore your emails. Take a day to yourself to recharge and be ready for the year to really get started.


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Rhiannon Sawyer

Rhiannon Sawyer

[NB: Rhiannon Sawyer no longer works for Dynamic Business]. Rhiannon Sawyer is the editor for Dynamic Business online. She also looks after online content for Dynamic Export. She loves writing business profiles and is fascinated by the growing world of homegrown online businesses and how so many people can make money in their pyjamas.

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