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Queensland’s Jentla launches ‘Jentla Certified endorsement’

Jentla, the online platform based on Joomla open source that was developed in Queensland, has started works on the first global Software Development Accreditation program for Joomla and the Jentla suite.

Joomla JentlaJoomla is a content management system that allows web developers to create sites for businesses (or individuals) that the business can manage on their own through an easy to use back end interface. Similar to both WordPress (the popular blogging platform) and Drupal, Joomla offers the ability  to build custom sites and then fill them with content. Jentla builds on the Joomla open source platform by building a custom content management layer on top of Joomla that makes it easier to manage and deploy content across your website (or multiple websites).

Jentla was developed in Queensland and has widespread adoption
“Joomla and Jentla have deep roots in Queensland that demonstrate tangibly that Aussie products can achieve global uptake in a very short period of time,” said Andrew Eddie Joomla Founder and Joomla Production Leadership Team member “This is an absolute milestone for Jentla, and sends a great message out to the market about the maturity and adoption of Joomla, and the Jentla suite of products.”

“Open source products have really come of age, due in part to technology maturation, and in part to the economic downturn which accelerated the adoption of affordable open source products. These trends combined have fuelled the success of Jentla over the past year, we’ve doubled in size and won significant global deals,” said Damian Hickey, CEO and Founder of Jentla. “Consequently, we launched the Jentla Software Certification program to award official merit to Joomla extension developers and create the level of quality assurance our larger customers expect from their web CMS.”

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