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Is your marketing totally out of date? 10 ways to tell

Marketing isn’t only about the pitch, but also the delivery. We asked young entrepreneurs how you’re getting it wrong.

The Young Entrepreneur Council asked 10 successful young entrepreneurs to name one business development or marketing strategy that companies are still using, but that is annoying, irrelevant, or simply out of date. Here are their best answers.

1. You’re cold calling? That’s not hot.

More importantly, cold calling with blind intent. When marketing your product or service, don’t pick up the phone and spit out a sales pitch. Research potential partners, clients, and consumers, and tailor your pitch to them. The spray and pray, quantity-over-quality approach rarely—if ever—works in today’s crowded and innovative marketplace.

—Matt Cheuvront, Proof Branding

2. You’re still prioritizing sales over success.

Customer retention and loyalty are all the rave now. When businesses focus only on sales and fail to provide adequate post-sale service, customers will never return again. But if a business goes above and beyond to ensure their products continue to satisfy their customers, the returns are unbelievable.
—Danny Wong, Blank Label Group

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