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Is there a skills shortage?

Is there actually a skills shortage, or has it just been exaggerated? According to Need, recruitment trading portal and marketplace, the skills shortage is really just a creation of inefficient HR and recruitment practices.

“Almost every industry in Australia is claiming there is a skills shortage, there are genuine shortages in some professions, such as the health, trades or mining sector, but the reality for many industries is that the skills shortage is hype over substance,” says Michael Rhodes, CEO of Need.

“Some companies are experiencing up to a 12-month lag time in recruiting, but it is due to the fact that Australia’s labour market has changed. The scattergun approach of posting a position on a job board is no longer enough to find talent,” adds Rhodes.
“Somebody else’s turnover is your talent. For Australia’s $22 billion recruitment industry to have grown 27 percent last year, there is talent out there.”

For more information, visit www.needrm.com

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