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business storytelling

How to tell a great story

Use this seven-step process to develop and tell a business anecdote that will you help close the deal. 

There are few sales tools more powerful than stories, if they’re appropriate and well-told. Because they are always about people and events that changed people’s lives in some way, anecdotes create emotion and interest. They teach without preaching. They paint mental pictures that are worth a thousand buzzwords.

Last year, I had the privilege of working with two really smart guys–Mike Bosworth (of “Solution Selling” fame) and Ben Zoldan, one of Mike’s top trainers–on a early draft of what later would become their new book about business storytelling. Since then, I’ve been thinking about what I learned, and using it in my work.  I thought I’d share my own “take” on how to tell a memorable business anecdote, based upon the ideas that Mike and Ben were developing.

Here’s a seven-step process:

1. Decide on the takeaway first.

Figure out exactly what you want the listener to believe, understand or do when you’ve completed the anecdote.  In social settings, stories are generally told to strengthen relationships; you might tell a funny story, for instance, so that everyone can laugh and feel closer.

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