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Business man holding sad face over his face

How to break bad news to clients

Three tips for delivering bad news without hurting the client relationship or your credibility.

Delivering bad news to a client is an unpleasant task for any small business owner, but we all face tough conversations such as asking for a budget increase or deadline extension. Learning to do it effectively can turn an uncomfortable situation into one that improves your relationship with the client and boosts your credibility.

Problems and mistakes are common during any project, so how you handle them is the true test of your mettle. “(Small business owners) are human beings dealing with other human beings,” says Deborah Bosley, owner of the Plain Language Group, a communications consulting firm. “It’s not business to business; it’s people to people.”

When you break bad news to clients, you want them to feel that you understand their concerns and can be trusted to handle the fallout – that you’re apologetic but proactively taking control.

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