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How not to treat your customers on Facebook

The two owners of Amy’s Baking Company Boutique & Bistro clearly need some training in social media. Here’s what they got wrong.

The Internet knows all, and when it comes to engaging your customers, you can’t afford to screw up.

Apparently, the owners of Amy’s Baking Company Bakery Boutique & Bakery in Scottsdale, Arizona missed the memo. As if it wasn’t bad enough chef Gordan Ramsay dropped them from his show Kitchen Nightmares for being too difficult to work with, the married couple, Samy and Amy Bouzaglo, blasted angry customers on Facebook Monday evening.

As BuzzFeed illustrates in a series of cringe-worthy screengrabs, things spiralled out of control pretty quickly. All caps, profanity, and insults were hurtled, with the Bouzaglos calling out Reddit and Yelp, not to mention everyone else.

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