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Guerrilla customer research is easy

This simple approach to market research reveals what customers really want when they buy your product. (Hint: It’s not the product.)

Guerrilla customer research is easy. To prove it, we just need 4.5 minutes of your time.

That’s how long it takes to watch Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen–the guy who coined the term “disruptive innovation”–explain one such technique in a video on the Forum for Growth & Innovation‘s website.

Christensen (@claychristensen) describes how his team learned why a fast food chain’s customers were buying so many milkshakes for breakfast. News flash: It wasn’t because they wanted milkshakes.

That’s interesting, but it’s not the point. The point is how Christensen’s team unearthed what motivated this seemingly odd behavior. The method was cheap, simple, and highly replicable. So replicable, we’re outlining it in three steps.

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