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Free Mouse Eye Tracking software a hit for PicNet

Mouse Eye Tracking, developed by Sydney based IT services company PicNet has won at the NSW 12010 AIIA innovation iAwards, offering a free tool to analyse how visitors actually use your website.

Email Tax RefundPicNet’s Mouse Eye Tracking software offers small businesses the opportunity to trial the mouse tracking software for free, offering the opportunity for cash strapped small businesses to optimise their websites to convert visitors into sales. Since launching in June PicNet’s software has gained 1,200 users.

PicNet’s Mouse Eye Tracking software has four primary modes to help you understand the behaviour of user on your website, heat maps, mouse tracking, page navigation and link spotlight.

Heat maps show where your users’ attention is focussed so you can understand what they are reading and where their attention is drawn. Mouse tracking shows you user mouse movements by session over time, giving you a sense of how long it takes customers to find critical information on your website.

PicNet’s page navigation option helps you identify navigation path confusion, what links people are following to and from key pages on your website in an easy to visualise way. Link Spotlight on the other hand helps you track conversion of links on each page, arguably in a better way than Google Analytics current implementation.

Marco Tapia the managing director of PicNet likened the Mouse Eye Tracking software to understanding how customers entered into a large retail store like David Jones or Myer and then positioning the most important items in the places customers attention is drawn.

PicNet currently offer the Mouse Eye Tracking sofware free with a basic setup or for $50 per month for a more advanced version with increased data retention for better quality analysis. You can sign up for PicNet’s Mouse Eye Tracker here.

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