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Five signs an eTailer is ready to open a storefront

Some retailers find they need a bricks-and-mortar store, not just an online site, to thrive.

eCommerce is critical to most retail businesses these days. But opening a bricks-and-mortar store might be the way to give your sales a boost.

“Even though technology has become a necessity for us, there’s something very different about being physically in a store and seeing a product,” says Derick TeeKing, partner at Fleming + TeeKing, a San Diego-based retail and consumer products consulting firm. “A store provides a sense of intimacy everybody wants to have with their consumer. We tend to have these virtual relationships. … There’s something to be said when we actually interact with another individual.”

But setting up a store can be an expensive proposition and not a move you want to make on impulse. Here are five signs that it might be worthwhile to expand your eCommerce business to bricks-and-mortar:

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