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Five keys to a killer company culture

It takes more than just a paycheck to keep your employees happy and engaged. Try these five techniques for building a great company culture.

Saying that culture is key to success is a bit of a cliché, but in the software industry we live and die by the happiness of our employees. Given the fierce competition for talented folks in our industry (or any industry for that matter) building an environment that retains and fosters the happiness of your employees is a high priority.

Often I’ve referred to my job as CEO of our company as that of a rock band manager – I’m here to make sure the rock stars have all the “stuff” they need to perform “the show” – even down to making sure they get what they want for lunch. Of course you also have to do the basics: pay well, provide for professional challenges and opportunities for career growth. But you also have to provide a unique company culture – the employee benefit that keeps on giving.

Here are five ways to keep things fun, fluid, and focused:

1. Empower Employees

As an owner, you can stay in close touch with your staff but you can’t be in the thick of it all the time. Instead, you need to encourage employee involvement and be willing to step aside as they take control.

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