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Customer service quality ‘down 74.5%’ says report

Research conducted by John Stanley Associates has shown a 74.5% drop in the level of customer service around the world in the last five years.

This is part of the findings revealed in the latest research by John Stanley Associates on their live Webinar to retailers on 11th March 2010.

The research, carried out over the previous two weeks revealed the following from respondents:

Where do you go for accurate information on products

  • Rely on the salesperson – 40%
  • Rely on the internet – 34.5%
  • Rely on friends – 23.6%
  • Use magazines – 1.8%

Customer service over the last five years has:

  • Improved – 7.3%
  • Deteriorated – 74.5%
  • Stayed the same – 18.2%

Customer serviceAs John Stanley mentioned after the research in his Webinar, this indicates a huge opportunity for many retailers. Customer service can become their market edge when it comes to ensuring their business stands out from the crowd.  John asks “are retailers ready to take on the challenge?”

Details on John Stanley’s Webinars are available from info@johnstanley.cc or visit here for more information.

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